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VoiceOfTheCopts.org - voiceofthecopts.org

Your sole source of information regarding persecuted Christians of Egypt.  [Learn More]



12/24/2016 am31 08:19
open-letter-to-president-elect-donald-trumpOpen Letter  To President-elect Donald Trump   Dear President-elect Donald Trump   My name is Ashraf Ramelah, and I am an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian.  I am the founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a non-profit human rights organization. Egyptian Copts, who are the...
12/24/2016 am31 07:57
what-republicans-can-learn-from-trump-s-victoryWhat can Republicans learn from Trump’s victory? The biggest lesson is that the old way of politics is dead. McCain and Romney showed that twice. Now Trump has shown how Republicans can actually win.    1. Find Your Natural Base    The GOP is...
12/23/2016 am31 08:04
trump-s-election-consequences-fears-hopes-and-expectationsThe Republicans will inherit a government where they control the executive office, the Senate, the House,    the governorships, as well as the state legislatures. How’s that for the Obama legacy of hope and    change?   Although often paraphrased by countless others, in various versions,...


12/23/2016 pm31 13:12
50-000-isis-jihadists-killed-since-2014At least 50,000 Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists have been killed by the American-led coalition since it began    operations in Iraq and Syria in late 2014, a senior U.S. military official said Thursday, according to AFP.   The operation, using planes and drones from...
09/13/2016 am30 07:16
iran-to-turkey-get-out-of-syriaTurkey on Wednesday denied agreeing to a US- brokered truce with Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria, saying it would not compromise with a "terrorist" group a week into an unprecedented cross-border offensive.   Washington said Tuesday the two sides -- both US...
07/19/2016 pm31 20:34
iran-foils-50-planned-isis-attacksIran claimed on Monday that a team of jihadists linked with Islamic State (ISIS) were paid 600,000 euros to carry out a bombing campaign at 50 locations in Tehran and other big cities in the country, Reuters reported.   Officials in predominantly...
07/19/2016 pm31 16:51
assad-claims-western-nations-are-secretly-doing-deals-with-usSyrian President Bashar Al-Assad is hinting that Western nations, including Australia, are secretly doing deals with his country despite openly criticizing him and calling on him to step down.   Assad made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Australia's SBS News.   He...


11/13/2015 am30 07:46
jordanian-cleric-clarifies-jihad-against-jews-is-a-dutyA Jordanian sheikh who issued a fatwa (Islamic ruling) against killing Jews has apparently had a change of heart.   In a video released earlier this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Sheikh Ali Halabi, head of the Imam...
11/12/2015 am30 10:58
traditional-islam-the-cause-for-terror-in-israel-and-worldwideIslamic State (ISIS) has begun targeting Israel in its videos, including one recent film with a terrorist addressing Israelis in Hebrew.   To gain perspective on the situation, Arutz Sheva spoke to Dr. Ephraim Herrera, author of the book Jihad: Fundamentals and...
11/02/2015 am30 10:12
jordanian-sheikh-issues-fatwah-against-killing-jewsA well known Salafi sheikh in Jordan has caused wide outrage in the Muslim world, after issuing a fatwa (Islamic ruling) in a video making the rounds online in which he forbids murdering Jews outside the context of war and...
08/02/2015 am31 08:57
pa-campaign-temple-never-existed-we-were-here-before-youPalestinian Media Watch (PMW) has published a collection of recent declarations on official PA television that the Jewish Temple never existed, that the "Palestinians" predated the Jews in Jerusalem by "centuries," and the like.   The latest posting by the internationally-known media...

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